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Kuala Tatau Bridge opens to public today
Posted on : 02 Dec 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Kuala Tatau Bridge opens to public today

December 2, 2017, Saturday Peter Sibon,


An aerial view of the 724.86m Kuala Tatau Bridge.

KUCHING: The Kuala Tatau Bridge which opens to the public today provides a shorter link between Mukah and Bintulu improving the connectivity within Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Engery (SCORE) which straddles the two divisions.

The bridge and the 11km-road between Kuala Serupai and Kuala Tatau were completed last month.

The road and the bridge were built at a total cost of RM215 million by Pekerjaan Piasau Konkerit Sdn Bhd and China Yunnan Road and Bridges Engineering (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd joint-venture. The 724.86m-bridge includes two smaller bridges at Sungai Serupai and Sungai Segirut.

According to Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Development and Transportation Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing, the Kuala Tatau Bridge and the completion of five more ‘missing links’ would give the state a ‘seamless’ 928km coastal road from Kuching to Miri by 2025.

Masing added that bridges which have been approved for construction are Batang Lupar (RM1 billion), Batang Saribas (RM450 mil), Batang Krian (RM133 mil), Batang Igan (RM350 mil), and Batang Kemena (RM300 mil).

“Even today, it is already a seamless drive from here to Miri, albeit with three more ferry crossings over three major bridges. By 2025 there is a big possibility to have seamless drive using the Coastal Highway from here to Miri.

“The Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Transportation is trying its best to make this possible. If Peninsular Malaysia is criss-crossed by highways, east-west, north-south and speed train, I can’t see why Sarawak should be denied of such privileges,” Masing said when contacted yesterday.

Recently, Masing led a two-day convoy involving his ministry and the media here on a road trip to Bintulu by bus to get the feel of the road and to determine what else to be done to improve the road.