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Last Update: 14 Nov 2018
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New road a shorter alternative route
Posted on : 01 Feb 2018  Source of News: THE BORNEO POST ONLINE

New road a shorter alternative route

February 1, 2018, Thursday Jacob Achoi,


(From right) Brahim, Julaihi, Awla and others inspect the condition of Tg Pisang road.

SIMUNJAN: The journey from Batang Sadong Bridge to Simunjan will be shortened by 7km once a new road is built to connect the two points.

The existing road from the bridge to the town is 15km but with the new road the distance will be about 8km.

The new road will be built under the mid term review of the 11th Malaysia Plan.

Assistant Minister of Coastal Road Datuk Julaihi Narawi said the government was committed to build more roads in rural areas to benefit the people.

“Simunjan is basically an agricultural area so the government is committed to build roads for the people to sell their produce. Also, roads will make travel easier,” he said.

Earlier, he went to inspect several road projects in Simunjan constituency, together with Simunjan assemblyman Awla Dris, Samarahan Resident Brahim Lumpu and JKR senior officers.

Julaihi, who is Sebuyau assemblyman, said roads would help increase the socio-economy of the rural people, which is one of the agenda of the state government.

He thus urged the people in the area to support the BN government, local elected representatives and various government agencies.

He also advised the people not to sell their land for quick gains.

On the Tanjung Pisang Road, which was one of roads he visited yesterday, Julaihi said the upgrading of more than 4km stretch of the road from R1 to R3 standard would be completed in March this year.

He also said the construction of three road projects in Simunjan would be reviewed under the mid-term review of the 11th Malaysia Plan.