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Last Update: 12 Dec 2018
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‘Pan Borneo bypassing Brunei better for Baram folk’ September 20, 2018, Thursday
Posted on : 20 Sep 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post online

‘Pan Borneo bypassing Brunei better for Baram folk’

September 20, 2018, Thursday

Albert Ding

MIRI: The possible change of plans for the Pan Borneo Highway to bypass Brunei would benefit Baram folk, according to Albert Ding – a former Orang Ulu National Association (Ouna) culture committee member.

Responding to Lawas member of parliament Datuk Henry Sum Agong’s call for the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government to proceed with the original plan to go through Brunei, Albert claimed Baram folk would rather have the highway going through their area.

“The Pan Borneo Highway passing through Baram is good for the Orang Ulu community. It will spur more development in the Baram region, thus open up more land and economic development,” he said when contacted yesterday.

“Please don’t oppose the proposal to divert the Pan Borneo to Baram by bypassing Brunei.”

Albert said the present road linking Miri to Brunei, Limbang, Lawas, and Sabah is already there and could just be maintained.

He also said the route is inconvenient as it requires passports for the immigration checkpoints.

Last week, Henry had said out that the proposed bypassing of Brunei for the Pan Borneo Highway by going through Long Lopeng to Marudi and Long Lama would mean a travelling time of almost 10 hours to Miri instead of just three hours through Brunei.

“We are not opposing the proposed alternative route, but other aspects should be taken into consideration, especially finance as the PH government wants to be prudent in their spending,” he said.