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Last Update: 12 Dec 2018
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Nyabau Interchange project progressing on schedule
Posted on : 02 Oct 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post online

Nyabau Interchange project progressing on schedule

October 2, 2018, Tuesday Jacqueline David,


Baru (third right) being briefed by the project manager of Lebuhraya Borneo Utara Sdn Bhd’s Work Package Contractor 10 (Nyabau Interchange), Chong Cheong Leong (fifth right) during the site visit.

BINTULU: The Nyabau Interchange is set for completion by the end of 2020.

The works on the section – spanning 77.19km across Mile 5 Nyabau Flyover and Jalan Bakun Junction-Sungai Tangap – commenced in March last year.

Upon completion, the interchange would serve to ease traffic flow between Sibu and Miri.

Apart from the Nyabau Interchange, the Bakun Junction-Sungai Tangap works package also includes three other interchanges – each at Bakun, Suai and Niah.

Works Minister Baru Bian, who led the ‘Jelajah FTRoadpedia’ – a three-day convoy programme meant to assess the progress of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak project – visited Nyabau Interchange yesterday.

The convoy also included key representatives from his ministry, Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Transportation Sarawak, as well as Public Works Department (JKR) Sarawak.

The ‘Jelajah FTRoadpedia’ kicked off at Telok Melano near Sematan last Saturday.

Baru’s entourage made a stop at Sungai Tangap-Pujut Link Road (under Works Package 11), which marked the end of the three-day road trip.

The works on Nyabau Interchange in Bintulu is set for completion by end-2020.