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Padawan villagers celebrate Christmas with two new roads
Posted on : 24 Dec 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post online

Padawan villagers celebrate Christmas with two new roads

December 24, 2018, Monday at 12:05 AM


Dr Jerip cuts the ribbon to officiate at the ceremony, marking the opening of the two new roads.

KUCHING: Residents of four villages in the Upper Padawan have received a meaningful gift for Christmas – the completion of two road projects.

The works on the R3-standard (two-lane, single carriageway) roads linking Kampung Parang with Kampung Sapit, and Kampung Kakas with Kampung Kiding, cost RM4.9 million and RM4.7 million, respectively.

The 3.2km Jalan Parang- Sapit commenced works on Oct 10 last year and reached completion on Oct 9 this year, while for the 2.8km Jalan Kakas- Kiding, construction began on Oct 25 last year and was completed in Oct 24 this year.

Assistant Minister of Transportation Datuk Dr Jerip Susil officiated at the opening ceremony, which took place at Kampung Sapit junction yesterday.

Dr Jerip said the projects were made possible through allocations under the Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) in 2016, initiated by the late chief minister Pehin Sri Adenan Satem.

He acknowledged that the villagers had been waiting for these projects for a long time, adding that the completion of the works arrived ahead of the Christmas celebration.

Dr Jerip said the Sarawak government, under Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) rule, was aware of this need and committed to connecting the villages in rural areas with roads.

“The government, under GPS, is not a rhetoric government – we deliver for the people and understand that rural development will benefit the people in the rural areas,” said Dr Jerip, who is Mambong assemblyman.

Similarly, he called upon his constituents – the majority of whom are Bidayuhs – to not be rhetoric as well; instead, they must work together with the Sarawak government for the betterment of the community.

Dr Jerip also advised the people in the area to start opening up their land for commercial farming, stressing that the new roads would bring them a ‘new breath of life, after years of hardship’.

He thanked the people of the four villages for their cooperation rendered to the Public Works Department (JKR) and also the contractor, in looking after the machinery and building materials throughout the project period.

According to him, many contractors are facing the problem of vandalism in many areas, where there have been cases of thefts of machinery parts and building materials.

In this regard, he expressed his hope for his constituents to continue upholding such responsible and positive attitude in working with any contractor undertaking projects in their areas.

He also thanked the JKR and the contractor for completing the 12-month projects on time – without cutting any cost or compromising on the quality of works.

Present at the ceremony were deputy Kuching Resident Tuah Suni, Sarawak administrative officer (SAO) from Padawan Sub-District Office Rangen Jamang, and JKR Kuching assistant engineer Bong Yan Ping.