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Last Update: 21 Jan 2019
Version 8.2.0
Core FunctionsCore Functions

1.   Policy Formulation on Infrastructure and Transportation.

2.   Planning and Development of Physical Infrastructure and Transportation Facilities.

3.   Co-ordination of the activities of Agencies under MIDT;

  • Public Works Department
  • Brooke Dockyard and Engineering Works Corporation
  • Kuching Port Authority
  • Rajang Port Authority
  • Miri Port Authority
  • Tanjung Manis Port Authority
  • Samalaju Port Authority
  • Sarawak Rivers Board
  • Buoys and Lights Board

4.   Co-ordination of ferry services.

5.   Watching brief over;

  • Road, Air and Sea Transport;
  • Airports and Airfields; and
  • Liaising with Federal Ministries and agencies on infrastructure and transportation such  as JPJ, LPKP, KKR, JKJR, KKLW, DCA and CIDB

6.   Co-ordinates activities of the Road Safety Council (RSC), Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines - East Asean Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) and Socio-Economic Exchange for Malaysia-Indonesia (SOSEK-MALINDO).

7.   Management of State Trust Funds -

  •  The Infrastructure Development Trust Funds;
  •  Pan Borneo Highway Trust Account;
  •  Riverine Traffic Fees; and   
  •  The Sungai Sarawak Barrage Fund.